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We’re so excited to be chatting with Becki Smith of Smith House Photography in today’s Chancey Charm Houston wedding vendor highlight! Becki and her husband Ryan are a husband + wife photography team who built their business on making relationships a priority – genuinely getting to know their brides and grooms and photographing their wedding day in a way that shows their joy, excitement, and absolute love. It doesn’t get much better than that! Becki is sharing all the details about her love of wedding photography, tips for brides + more below. Enjoy!

– The Chancey Charm Team

Houston Wedding Vendor Highlight, Smith House Photography, Chancey Charm Houston, Texas Wedding Planning
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Becki Smith of Smith House Photography


Born in Riverside, California – grew up in Stow, Ohio – currently live in Houston, Texas – but home has always been Michigan where all of our family is.

What’s your area of expertise?

Photography + Client Experience

First job you ever landed

My very first job was at Luke’s Locker, a local-family owned running clothing and shoe company in Texas. This was my first taste of small business, and I absolutely loved it. I loved wearing so many different hats, learning the ins and outs of customer service, and having an active lifestyle built right into the job! I started working at Luke’s Locker my junior year of high school and six and a half years later I moved on to travel the world. But of course, I came right back to small businesses when I returned home! I just couldn’t shake the love of connecting with clients!

Houston Wedding Vendor Highlight, Smith House Photography, Chancey Charm Houston, Texas Wedding Planning

What brought you to the wedding industry?

I always knew I loved photography, but it wasn’t until my own wedding that I decided I wanted to use it in the wedding industry! Our wedding photographers made us realize just how personal the wedding experience could be, and I knew this was the relationship we wanted with our clients! The relationship we build we our brides and grooms goes far beyond just showing up on their wedding day. We love that we get to know them in one of the most unique times in their life. We love learning about their relationship, speaking life into their future marriage, and capturing the beginning of a lifetime together.

A lesson you’ve learned the hard way in the wedding industry

A lesson we have learned the hard way is that not everyone in the industry has your client’s best interest in mind. Luckily, we have a great network of friendors that love to serve our brides and grooms with the same level of love and respect that we do, and this is who we lean on!

Favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon

Sunday afternoons are for walking the dogs and snuggling while watching Gilmore Girls! (Especially if we had a wedding the day before!)

Houston Wedding Vendor Highlight, Smith House Photography, Chancey Charm Houston, Texas Wedding Planning

Best piece of advice to someone new to the industry

Everyone has something to teach you. Resist the urge to rank others (and yourself) and give every single person you meet the respect you would give to the biggest name in the industry.

Best piece of planning advice to a new bride/groom

Know that at the end of the day, you will be married, and that is what truly matters! We love the details, the dress, the bride and groom portraits – but don’t let yourself get so caught up in these things that you forget that your marriage is the most important part of the whole planning process.

Some words you live by

“Eat cake for breakfast,” (Kate Spade) and “Never go on trips with anyone you do not love” (Ernest Hemingway).

Best tip for balancing work + home life

Give yourself days off, even when your to-do list extends from your ceiling fan to your carpet. Take the day, have breakfast in bed, and allow yourself to be recharged to get back to the to-do list tomorrow.

Houston Wedding Vendor Highlight, Smith House Photography, Chancey Charm Houston, Texas Wedding Planning

Best moment of your career

It is so hard to pinpoint a best moment! My favorite moment with every couple is watching their faces as they see their images for the first time after their wedding day. A joyful bride reliving the day she married the love of her life is so much more rewarding than any other accomplishment we have had in our business. (Although being published is always pretty rad!)

Guilty pleasures

Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. And ice cream. I eat ice cream every single day! And free murder mystery books on Kindle. They might be cheesy, but they’re the best.

Intimate or Par-tay? What size wedding do you recommend and why?

My personal preference would be intimate – but it truly depends on the couple! One of our favorite weddings to date was a HUGE party, but the day started with an intimate first look, and a beautiful ceremony. Then the bride and groom partied the night away with alllllllllll of their friends and family! It was so incredibly them, I would have never recommended anything else!

What’s the first thing a newly engaged couple should do?

Enjoy it! Go out to dinner alone, toast their engagement, and just be in the moment! There is plenty of time to plan, to call your friends, to post on Instagram. But the reality is, you will never be engaged again, and it is so important to enjoy every moment of it!

Your favorite Instagram account

This is a tough one! Probably Jackson the Dalmatian (@jackson_the_dalmatian). I have a (not so secret) love for Dalmatians, and wanted one desperately until I realized their hair is so short that you have to pick it out of your clothes with tweezers. So now, I just admire them from afar while I love on my Saint Bernard/Leonberger and my Border Collie/Lab!

Learn more about Smith House Photography here + follow along on Facebook and Instagram. Cheers!

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Houston Wedding Vendor Highlight, Smith House Photography, Chancey Charm Houston, Texas Wedding Planning

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