How to Make the Most of Your Bridal Boutique Appointment


Trying on and finding your dream wedding dress is the step that many brides look forward to the most, but it’s also the step that you might feel most nervous about too. In order to ensure you enjoy your bridal boutique appointments, and walk away feeling confident in your decision and excited to wear your dress, a little forward planning is necessary. Read on to discover my top tips to make the most of your bridal boutique appointments…

Get to know what styles you like, but be open minded too

Before you start trying on wedding dresses, it’s worth doing a little research to gain a thorough understanding of what you like, and equally what you don’t like. This will make your bridal boutique appointments run much more smoothly, than if you had no clue what you were looking for. Think about your budget, which accessories you might like, the details and cuts you prefer, and the colours too. It’s equally important to be open minded too though, as many brides find they fall in love with a style they might never have considered. Listen to the stylists advice, and don’t be afraid to try something that pushes your boundaries a little.

Always make an appointment

All good bridal boutiques will operate on an appointment only basis. In booking an appointment, you can ensure you have the time that you need dedicated to you, in order to find your dream dress. Prior to your appointment, the bridal boutique might ask for more information about your wedding, yourself and your style preferences. Be honest and provide as much detail as you can.

Think carefully about who you take with you

Who you take with you to your appointments is important. While you might like to have all of your bridesmaids, a few friends and your mum there, less really is more when it comes to your bridal boutique appointments. One or two people that know you inside out and that you trust is perfect. Too many opinions can make the experience far more stressful than it needs to be, so avoid taking too many people, or anyone that you know to be overly opinionated.

Allow plenty of time

It can be tempting to leave searching for your dream dress until after some of the other major details have been put in place, but the reality is that it can take months to find your dress. In addition, in many cases you have to allow for your dress to be made, or at the minimum altered, which can take several months too. It’s never too early to start booking your bridal boutique appointments, and allowing plenty of time will ensure no rushed decisions are made.

Make the most of your bridal boutique appointments by planning in advance, to ensure you enjoy the experience and find your dream dress.

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