Destination Wedding Spotlight: Marco & Valentina at Hard Rock Riviera Maya, Mexico



It’s that time again: Wedding Album Review! It’s time to chat with a couple about their destination wedding experience and get an insider’s view on what made it meaningful, fun, and extraordinary.

I ask the questions, and they provide the photos and memories.

This is Mr. and Mrs. Galindo from Sunny South Florida. They got married at the fabulous Hard Rock Riviera Maya Hotel, Mexico in April 2018. I have the pleasure of knowing Valentina as a customer from my previous life as a banker so I was both honored and humbled to have her as the sweetest client in this adventure.

Will: Why did you choose a destination wedding?
The Galindo’s: We both wanted our guests to make a vacation out of attending our wedding instead of attending just “another” wedding. We also knew if we had a wedding in the states it would be well over 200 guests and didn’t want to overwhelm ourselves, remembering WHY we are getting married.
Will: How many attendees did you have? What kind of experience did you envision your guests having?
The Galindo’s: We had a party of 35 people including ourselves. We wanted a very intimate “vacation” with our guests. We achieved just that. We were able to spend time with every guest which is what we wanted.
Will: What was one part of planning your wedding that you knew you couldn’t have done alone? How did having a Destination Wedding Specialist help with that?
The Galindo’s: We couldn’t have done any of the planning (besides telling the on-site coordinator what colors I wanted for decor! Haha). Planning a wedding in another country requires someone who knows the country and resorts at 100%. Someone who has stayed at a resort themselves or has colleagues who have and can provide personal feedback. Will helped us plan our travel, organize everything from tickets, legal documents, organized spreadsheets, etc. We would’ve never even made it to Mexico if it wasn’t for Will, let’s just say that.
Will: What piece of advice would you give to couples who are just starting the planning process?

The Galindo’s: We would suggest if you’re planning a destination wedding you HAVE to hire someone if you want to make it to your wedding day. Let someone who does this for a LIVING do their job and help you guys! Be very OPEN and honest about budgets and what’s most important to you both for your special day. Communication is key!

Will: What’s one “extra” you’re super glad you splurged on?  What surprised you the most about your wedding?
The Galindo’s: Our actual wedding decor was complimentary based on the number of rooms we booked & it’s exactly what we wanted. However, because we didn’t go crazy with the decor we were able to pay for our bridesmaid’s hair and makeup. This allowed them to feel OUTSTANDING on our big day. It also made the pictures look extra great.

Will: If you could choose three words to describe your wedding, what would they be?

The Galindo’s:
  • Unforgettable
  • Euphoric paradise
  • Intimate

Will: What is your favorite memory from your big day?

The Galindo’s: The celebration afterward! Our entire group and family members (including our parents) all went to the resort club. Unforgettable night!

Vendors Love:


Wedding Ring: 

  • Kay Jewelers


Total Guest Count: 


First Dance Song:

Oh man! Putting together these reviews is always a bittersweet trip down memory lane. And yes, I had their first dance song on repeat and reliving every minute of this wonderful day in Mexico with this beautiful couple. Valentina and Marco, I remain grateful for the opportunity to share this journey with you and your loved ones who traveled from all over America to witness your special day in Paradise. I will cherish the laughs, the moments right before I saw you walking down the aisle (and of course our *Patooooo* story from the Disco LOL).
Alright, amigos, I hope you enjoyed this one as much as I did.
Until next time,

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